Ideas for Indie Games

Ok so you’ve decided to build an indie game. Congrats! As discussed in our other article how to build and indie game the first thing you’ll need is an idea. Preferably a great idea!

Idea generation

Since you will be spending a lot of hours working on your game it’s a good plan to think about what you liked or enjoyed in your favourite book or movie. What kind of characters did you find interesting? What kind of genres do you enjoy? Apply this thinking to your favourite video games too. We’re not looking to shamelessly plagiarise popular games, but it’s totally fine to be inspired by them!

Do your research

Have a look at what is on the market. You want to find your own unique niche. If there’s thousands of zombie games, how any zombie hamster racing games are there?  If there’s only a few games that reward you for completing real world boring tasks maybe there’s a gap in the market there.

Use an indie game idea generator

sites like or host a random indie game generator which spits out a genre, the game setting and the key mechanics.

Here’s some of the fun ideas we got from online indie game idea generators:

Strategy game set in a cave whereby you have a limited inventory and must use all your items.

Romance walking simulator game set in the 1920’s with a theme of winning at all costs.

An educational survival game set in a castle where something spooky happens.

Detective wargame set in the solar system with a theme based on dodging.

Fantasy point and click adventure game set in the 80’s with a theme based on physics.

Ok so maybe you won’t be handed your dream game idea from a generator but for sure it can get your creative juices flowing. Just having that idea of the who, what and how is a great place to start.

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