Best Indie Games (part 1)

There are so many indie games out there, but which are the best ones? We take a look at our top picks to help you decide which game to play next!


Whilst this game was not released in 2020, it is still a highly popular indie title. It was actually released waaaay back in 2008 as freeware. Spelunky was created by Derek Yu and has been heralded by some as one of the greatest video games of all time!  Yu has said to have been inspired by the Super Mario video games. You can see this influence in the look and gameplay style of Spelunky. So, what is the aim of the game? If it sounds a bit like spelunking, you are correct. You control a spelunker, a little character who makes their way through an intricate series of caves. During your cavernous adventure you’ll collect treasure, save damsels in distress and fight bad guys.  You must avoid traps and try to keep your health. You’ll pick up objects that can be used as weapons or that have special powers.


Gris is a beautifully designed platform adventure game created by Nomada Studios.  The game premise follows a girl called Gris. It is really a story of a woman on a journey dealing with trauma. At the start of the game Gris loses her voice and must hold together a crumbling, fragile statue. As the game develops, light and colour is brought into her world. Your goal is to collect a series of orbs in different terrains. A different colour marks each terrain.  The game has a similar feel as Monument Valley in as much as you can’t die, and whilst the puzzles are not very difficult or frustrating, they are satisfying. The real reason the game is so revered is the animation and art work. It is visually stunning, with hand drawn style designs.

West of Loathing

This game is brought to you by Asymmetric. This is the same team behind Kingdom of Loathing, and the game takes place within the same universe. The design style is stick figures in a humorous, unique role play adventure. Choose your characters style between Snake Oiler, Beanslinger or Cow Puncher.  The game features demon cows, filthy spitoons and many cowboy hats.  It’s a fun, funny indie game with great reviews.


Developed by Red Candle games in 2017, this is a 2D horror game. With elements drawn in from Taiwanese mythology, the game is set in the 1960’s whilst Taiwan was under martial law.  Otherwise known as the White Terror period. The premise of the game is student Wei and Ray are trapped in their school, and shortly after the opening prologue Wei is killed. You play as Ray and as the story progresses you uncover the story of her life. It is game designed in greyscale, and you merely guide Ray through the haunted school. It’s a point and click game. You don’t need to battle any enemies, you can avoid being killed by ghosts by holding your breath or averting your eyes from them.

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